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The Art of Understanding Finance

This course is designed for anyone, whether you have little to no experience, or have been working in the industry for a while, with modules broken down into bitesize chunks making content manageable.

It is designed to provide an understanding of the journey a client goes through when receiving advice, and the relevant documents used to assess a client’s needs to formulate suitable and compliant recommendations. It will explore some of the key roles and responsibilities of individuals, to create an overall understanding of the industry and the structure of advice firms.

This course is designed to ensure that upon completion, learners will have a solid understanding of the basics of financial services.

The course content is broken down into bitesize chunks, with defined topics for you to work through at your own pace.

- Finance the basics
- The Advice Journey
- Pension Products Training
- Collectives & ISAs

What you’ll learn
- The structure of financial services and the functions that make up an advice firm
- How financial services has evolved through developments in technology
- The regulatory background and key legislation that applies to advice firms today
- What a good client experience looks like when obtaining advice
- The relevant documents used to ensure suitability

Suitable for:
The short answer is, everyone!
This course is suitable for a wide range of roles in finance or any individual looking for the foundation to start a career in the industry.

The course aims to provide learners with an introduction to finance for complete beginners, or anyone wanting to improve on the knowledge they already have. Perhaps you work in financial recruitment or marketing and need to understand some of the jargon and terminology you are using, if so, this is the course for you!

With a solid understanding of the basics, this course can be the perfect platform for starting an exciting journey or progressing into a career in financial services.

Completion requirements
The whole course requires completing, along with the end of course assessment. This has a minimum pass mark of 70% to be achieved in order to successfully pass the course. Upon completion of this course, you will be recognised as having completed The Art of Understanding Finance training course, from The Art of Finance.

In addition, all of our content has been CPD Certified, meaning that all your time and investment is nationally recognised. Upon completion of your course, you’ll be sent your Art of Finance kitemark and CPD certificate to acknowledge your successful skills training and evidence for your firm’s compliance.

20% VAT is included in the price of this course.
  • Finance the basics
  • Finance the basics
  • Finance the basics - Answerbook
  • The Advice Journey
  • The Advice Journey
  • The Advice Journey - Answerbook
  • Pensions Products Training
  • Pension Products Training
  • Pension Products Training - Answerbook
  • Collectives & ISAs
  • Collectives & ISAs
  • Collectives & ISAs - Answerbook
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed